Safe Tan

A Brush Stroke Of Genius ~ Your Skin’s Love Affair Starts Here


Safe Tan answers the demand for a natural looking, healthy alternative to traditional tanning methods

Safe Tan

Safe Tan is the revolutionary new instant brush-on self tanner from America.

The healthy way of combining stunning natural looking colour with nourishing skin care, giving incredible results after just one application.

Say goodbye to all those tanning supplies you’ve had to use in the past ~ exfoliators, special moisturisers, extenders and even removers ~ and hello to the top choice in healthy tanning. Our loyal customers will tell you it’s the best tanning product they’ve ever used.

Safe Tan goes on much like applying a light colour wash or water-based foundation that lasts for days and moisturises your skin the entire time. Perfect for women or men, use Safe Tan and get that healthy glow in the privacy of your own home.


Aloe Vera Based

Moisturising Plant Extracts

Safe Tan is not only kind to sensitive skin, it also hides skin blemishes and wrinkles!

As there are few synthetic/chemical components (Safe Tan has a cold-pressed aloe vera base with no preservatives, emulsifiers, allergens, or irritants) and being hypo-allergenic, Safe Tan is kind to those with sensitive skin.

As the aloe rich product is carried below the skin, it rehydrates the layers and causes them to ‘plump up’ which fills out many of the small wrinkles and creases in the skin surface.

With regular facial applications there will be an incredible improvement in the texture of the skin, especially surrounding the eyes and above the upper lip.

“I just love the compliments I’ve received since using your product. My skin has never looked or felt better. All my friends want to know my secret. Thank you so much!” Niki

Wellington, NZ

“I loved Safe Tan for my beach wedding! It gave my skin that natural look I wanted, the colour was awesome and it didn’t stain my dress.” Megan

Auckland, NZ

“Finally my search is over for the perfect sunless tan. Safe Tan is easy (and fun) to apply, has little or no odour, moisturises my skin and is an amazingly natural colour.” Amy

Rotorua, NZ

Safe Tan NZ

Safe Tan is not just another self tanner.

It’s also a hydrating facial-grade moisturiser for the whole body. It’s formula changes the skin’s colour and moisture level several layers deep, so the skin underneath is tanned too – not just one outer surface layer.

The ingredients work on your skin in much the same way as getting a real tan would – adjusting your natural skin tone – making your tan unique, personalised, and truly realistic!

Each application results in healthy skin with an even, natural-looking tan that fades gradually over the course of 7-10 days. A single application will provide a beautiful, healthy glow while repeated applications will provide a deep, rich, exotic tan.

Safe Tan is truly amazing because it gives your skin a gorgeous, believable colour that you can SEE as you put it on, it wears off like a natural tan, cannot streak and doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell.

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Safe Tan ~ A Brush Stroke Of Genius

Your Skin’s Love Affair Starts Here